ScaniaCamp 2022

General information
First of all, we ar glad to announce that the intention to hold Scania cup 2022 has been presented by Södertälje basketball club.

Depending on the ongoing pandemic and its development there is a risk that the tournament will be moved or cancelled with short notice, but at this time we are starting up as planned.

In case of cancellation or move of the tournament:

  • ScaniaCup or ScaniaCamp will not reimburse any costs to any individual referee.
  • We highly recommend to buy reimbursable tickets.
  • Check terms and conditions for your travelagency before booking any tickets.
  • Check travelrecommendations for your country before booking any tickets.

Demands due to the Covid-19 pandemic (may change):

  • Proof of full vaccination.
  • Bring your European healthcare-insurancecard. Without this healthcare is not free in the European Union and full prices must be payed.
  • Mouth guards may be required, depending on local goverment restrictions.
  • If no proof of full vaccination can be presented, any additional costs may be charged to the individual referee.

Questions for referees and instructors:

Scania cup & Scania camp 2022

  • Age groups: U13-U19.
  • Games played Friday 15th of April to Monday 18th of April 2022.
  • Standard FIBA-rules, except for the youngest age groups.
Format for referees 2022
  • A main camp with 102 referees will be selected to referee. Besides them, another 36 will be selected to participate in an advanced camp.
  • Admission to ANY part of ScaniaCamp will be done via a selected representative/instructor in your country. Names will be provided as soon as the are available. If your country does not have any representative, contact us at:
All referees
  • Referee 2-3 games/day.
  • Meals included: Thursday dinner to Monday lunch, served in school canteen.
  • Stay at hotel, Thursday night to Sunday night (ordinary check out during Monday).
Main camp
  • Community lectures Thursday-Sunday (whole group).
  • Supervised games, at least 1/day.
  • Access to download/watch games via Solidsport.
  • Access to instructors during the whole tournament.
Advanced camp
  • Private lectures Thursday-Sunday with designated instructor, may change between days.
  • Community lectures Thursday-Sunday (whole group).
  • Suprevised games, at least 1/day.
  • Access to download/watch games via Solidsport.
  • Designated instructor Thursday-Sunday (group of nine referees/instructor).
  • Requirement: Own computer with capability to create videoclips from gamevideos and USB-stick

Clinic schedule

  • The clinic starts Thursday 14th of April at 18:00 for all referees.
  • First games: Friday 15th of April.
  • Last games: Monday 18th of April.
  • Yet to be decided.
  • All referees stays in, at minimum, double-rooms.
  • Main camp referee: 230 EUR.
  • Advanced camp referee: 350 EUR.
  • Extra night at the hotel: 40 EUR/person.
  • Transfer (two-way): 50 EUR/person.
  • All payments, including: Clinic fee, extra nights at the hotel, transfers etc. will be payed upon arrival, cash only.
  • Pick-up point Arlanda: Inside Terminal 5 at level 2, in front of Grand Café Stockholm.
  • Pick-up point Skavsta: Outside the terminal, at the official airport drop-off/pick-up point.
  • If no transfer is chosen, we recommend local transports:,,
  • Bring your own computer!
  • Games will be streamed via: Solidsport