Special rules - Scania Cup

Tournament Basketball Rules
All games are played 4x8 minutes effective time.

The clock will be stopped the last 2 minutes in the fourth quarter, if a basket is made (regular Fiba rules)

In gyms with no shotclock the rerferee will call out the remaning time

All games will be played with the current lines in the gym.
All gyms do not have the new court with the new 3 second-area and the new 3 point-line.

Zonedefence is only allowed in age groups 03–04, 05, 06 and 07.
If the referee thinks the players not are playing man to man defence:
1. First – a warning to the coach
2. Second – technical foul on the coach
3. Last – one more technical foul/disqualification foul

In age groups 08 and 09 zone pressure is allowed in the frontcourt. Halfcourt defence must be man to man.

Other special rules for Scania Cup:
3 minutes to game:
Blow whistle and show 3-minutes. Teams shall go directly to the bench for presentation.
Player of the game:
After each game a "Player of the game" in each team is presented.
1. Players should line up after the game.
2. Player of the game in each team is presented, either by the referees or the tableofficials.
3. The teams thanks eachother for the game

Other important changes:
 Halftime no longer than 5 minutes.
IF the games are delayed, 3 minutes halftime.

Standard FIBA-rules.
2 time-outs first half.
3 time-outs second half. *if the teams has 3 time-outs left with 2 minutes remaning, 1 time-out will be cancelled, as in standard FIBA-rules.

Overtimeperiod is 3 minutes

The scoresheet is digital.
Referees confirm the result in the app (in the scoresheet) directly after the game.
DO NOT give instructions to the coaches to fill in starting 5.
Each team register all players, no starting 5 is selected.