Special rules - Södertälje open

Tournament Basketball Rules
U11 and U12: 4x6 min effective time.
U13-U17: 2x12 min effective time.


  • All games in U11 and U12 is played 4 vs 4.
  • U11 and U12 low baskets (2,60 m)
  • 1 time-out for each team each gamehalf. 
  • Halftime break: 3 minutes
  • Even score and endtime: "Sudden death" applies. Exception for finals with 3 minutes overtime.
  • Teamfoul after 7 teamfouls. Freethrows from teamfoul 8. No teamfouls apply in U11 or U12.
  • Zoneplay only i ages U15. U16 and U17.
  • Zoneplay frontcourt allowed in U13 and U14. When the ball passes half-court, man to man must be played.
  • Ballsize U11 and U12: Size 5.
  • Ballsize boys U13 and U14: Size 6.
  • Ballsize girls U13 - U17: Size 6.
  • Ballsize boys U15-U17: Size 7.