Södertälje open 2023

Södertälje open 2023
Södertälje open 2023 is now open for referee registration. We are looking for youthreferees within both 2PO and 3PO
Södertälje open is a youthtournament ages U11-U17. Games will be played November 3rd to November 5th. Clinic starts November 2nd at the tournament hotel.
Maininstructor: Richard Stokes (England).
Tournament hotel: Park Hotel Södertälje
Refereeshirts and equipment: Bring your own
Options for referees:
2PO - Referee
-          Fee for each game: 120 SEK (approx. 12 EUR)
-          Hotel included after 18 nominated games during the tournament
-          Food included.
2PO - Clinic
-          Supervision during most games and feedback from experienced and international referees.
-          Hotel and food included.
-          No cost of participation, no game fee payed.
3PO - Clinic
-          Touch up and hone your 3PO-skills exclusively with Richard Stokes.
-          12 Spots only!
-          Cost for participation: 60 EUR (including hotel and food).
All referees in 2PO Clinic and 3PO Clinic: Lecture each day with Richard Stokes.
No official transfers will be provided.
Local transports during the tournament via tournamentbuses and organization.
U11 and U12. Easy basket rules apply.
U13 – U17. Standard FIBA rules.
-          Referees will have between 4-6 games per day. Games will be played 2x12 minutes effective time.
Apply to the tournament on https://sodertaljeopen.cups.nu/sv/j/public/regreferee