Gamechanges Monday

Crew 3 (new gym): Tableofficials 13:30, Now in Täljegymnasiet
Crew 4 (new gym): B02 Final, 13:30 - Now in Täljegymnasiet
Crew 5 (New time): Tableofficials, now 13:30 in Tälje A
Crew 6 (New time): B01 Final, now 13:30 in Tälje A
Crew 32 (New time): B02 5-6 place 13:20 in Täljegymnasiet, now cancelled.

Please doublecheck the changes with the transfers and notify eachother that there have been changes!

Nominations - ScaniaCamp

Cameraoperator means that one crewmember needs to help the organizer to film the game with provided videocamera.

The cameraoperator must click on which game that is beeing filmed, which period and result of the game. 

All information should be pre-programmed by the provider Solidtango.

Please check your games, if it says cameraoperator, find the camera for the game and if you need help, ask the organizer at the site for help!