Like yesterday, please, all crew chiefs of the latest matches of today, take all 3 Recorders with you back to the Quality Hotel.
(Except Ronnanskolan & Viksberg where there are now Recorders today.)
If you are not crew chief, please help your crew chief and don't let him forget to collect it from you :)
Once new nomination will be posted and known, all new crew chiefs for tomorrow, please come over and pick up devices for tomorrow morning matches, for the gym where you start your sunday. I'm not able to manage delivery remotely like today any more. It's really tough work.
Those who are leaving on Sunday and would like to order/buy the Recorder from me, please contact me directly soon in order to meet and manage it.
Thank you all!

Access to SOLIDSPORT.com

To download/watch your game:

Username: scaniareferee@gmail.com
Password: scaniacup22

To watch your game / Access your game:
- Click on the game
- Choose: "Watch as admin" / "Visa som admin"

To Link your video and upload to REF.REC
- See separate manual from Roman

information 2022-04-15

Hi all,
I´m sending the presentation in version 2.
What was updated - mainly a place where you can find your matches =  https://solidsport.com/scaniacup/replays?page=3

Unfortunately guys in the gym don´t stop the recording after every single match, so you can look forward a bit for your exact match.
Files are in a quite good site (around 1 gb) so its possible to even go by "download and upload" way of providing a source video.