General tips for referees

  • Bring a laptop for getting access to clips, games and materials to work with during the camp.
  • Bring your European healthcare-insurancecard. Without this healthcare is not free in the European Union and full prices must be payed.
  • Book reimbursable tickets, we will not cover any costs related to Covid-19 or any other cancellation.

ScaniaCamp 2023

Welcome to ScaniaCamp 2023!
  • Bring a lap-top with wifi-connection.
  • Bring your European healthinsurance-card, in need of healthcare, the organization does not compensate for any costs.
  • Transferlists will be provided on the website.
  • If you cannot find your driver at the pick-up site: Call +46705917763, +46733911812
  • Main hotel: Ad-Astra by Elite hotels. Link to Hotel
  • All lessons and camp-office will be in Ad-Astra by Elite.
  • Payment in cash upon registration, Euro only
  • All referees will receive one refereeshirt for ScaniaCup. This is the official camp-shirt and national refereeshirts are not to be used during the tournament.
  • If you already have a ScaniaCup refereeshirt, no new shirt will be provided, bring the one/ones you have.
  • No other equipment will not be provided.
  • Nominations for the tournament will be published each evening before on our website.
  • The two youngest agegroup will be refereed in 2-man system, with a designated group of referees. If you have applied for the main or advanced camp you are not affected.

Scania cup & Scania camp 2023

  • Age groups: U13-U19.
  • Games played Friday 7th of April to Monday 10th of April 2023.
  • Standard FIBA-rules, except for the youngest age groups.
Format for referees 2023
  • A main camp with 102 referees will be selected to referee. Besides them, another 36 will be selected to participate in an advanced camp.
  • Our goal is that rerefees will have games in the morning OR the afternoon/evening. This is to be able to participate in at least one lecture per day.
All referees
  • Referee 2-3 games/day.
  • Meals included: Thursday dinner to Monday lunch, served in school canteen.
  • Stay at hotel, Thursday night to Sunday night (ordinary check out during Monday).
Main camp
  • Community lectures Thursday-Sunday (whole group).
  • Supervised games, at least 1/day.
  • Access to download/watch games via Solidsport.
  • Access to instructors during the whole tournament.
Advanced camp
  • Private lectures Thursday-Sunday with designated instructor, may change between days.
  • Community lectures Thursday-Sunday (whole group).
  • Suprevised games, at least 1/day.
  • Access to download/watch games via Solidsport.
  • Designated instructor Thursday-Sunday (group of nine referees/instructor).
  • Requirement: Own computer with capability to create videoclips from gamevideos and USB-stick


For the referees development, we are always glad to have Mr. Richard Stokes as one of our lead instructors!

Welcome BACK!

We are glad to announce a return to ScaniaCamp, Mr. Ronnie Nunn!


We are glad to announce a new instructor to ScaniaCamp: Mr. Miguel Perez Perez!